What a Life

  • Saracens

    Saracens When His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal was thinking of establishing an Islamic think tank, he sent me his paper on Science and Religion. I wrote back to him on 24 August 2000 thus. ‘I am grateful to you for sending me your paper on Science and Religion. While it is true [...]
  • Japan

    Japan Ms. Yasmeen. Lari was invited to Japan in the middle of September 2016, “for her extraordinary contribution, from all over Asia to receive the prestigious Japanese Fukuoka Art and Culture Prize 2016 as architect, architectural historian, heritage conservationist and human aid worker” In the previous year, 2015, she had been invited to Japan to [...]
  • Europe against the world

    Europe against the world The word "colony" comes from the Latin colonia—"a place for agriculture". The British imperialism often used the concept of Terra nullius (Latin from Roman law meaning 'empty land'). British settlement and colonial rule of Australia was premised on terra nullius, as its settlers considered it unused by its Aboriginal inhabitants. Colonialism [...]
  • Triumph of Faith

    Triumph of Faith The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born on Monday, 12th Rabi al Awwal, in the year of the elephant, c. 571, in Mecca. He was forty years old in 610, when on a night in the month of Ramadan, the angel Gabriel came and asked him to ‘Recite in the name of thy [...]
  • Relief

    Relief The Sindh Cultural Department stopped the Heritage Foundation from working at Makli, on the false charge that it has damaged the dome of Sultan Ibrahim. At the back was the lady advisor/minister of culture, heritage, etc. who called two Hameeds her uncles and was once arrested with her father and mother for syphoning billions [...]
  • Bio Yasmeen Lari

    Bio Yasmeen Lari 1961 Part I RIBA from Polytechnic of North London, London 1963 Part II RIBA from the Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford 1963 Architect, Zhan & Co., Hameln, Germany 1963 First Woman Architect of Pakistan 1964 Founder, Karachi Artists Gallery (KAG), the first permanent exhibition and studio space in Pakistan, 1965 ‘Some Thoughts [...]
  • Dawn distorts history of Allama Iqbal

    Dawn distorts history of Allama Iqbal The Dawn newspaper published on Saturday 11 June 2017, a full page ‘ALLAHABAD 1930: AN ADDRESS TO REMEMBER’, with text  and photographs. Allama Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal was the greatest poet-philosopher of Islam who galvanized Muslims with stories of their conquests and concepts of Ishq, Khudi and Shaheen. Ishq [...]
  • Dawn distorts history of Aga Khan

    Dawn distorts history of Aga Khan The Dawn newspaper published on Saturday 3 June 2017, a full page on ‘Genesis Dhakka 1906: the All India Muslim League’ with three rows of photographs and one row of text distorting the history of the All India Muslim League. The actual facts are as follows: Nawab Khwaja Salimullah, [...]
  • Dawn Blackmailer

    Dawn Blackmailer Chapter 44. Dawn Blackmailer The Editor, Dawn Dear Sir, After correspondence with your lawyer, hero of the lawyer’s movement, I did not think this would happen again. However, when I came back recently from our work in the villages I was shown a report in Dawn by your correspondent with a headline stating, [...]
  • Application

    Application IN THE SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN (Original Jurisdiction)   Human Rights Case No 8730-S/2015     Mrs. Yasmeen Lari                                                           ………………   Petitioner   Versus   The Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Dep’t, Government of Sindh                                 ………….   Respondent   Mohatta Palace Museum …………..  Respondent   Endowment Fund Trust …………… Respondent   APPLICATION FOR RESTRAINING THE [...]
  • Muneer A Malik

    Muneer A Malik Mr. Muneer A. Malik MCAS&W Law Associates F-66/3, Park Lane, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi 75600 9221 35873221, 35873222   Dear Sir, This refers to your letter dated 14 July 2016. I regret to say that I paid nine thousand for three cases to Farook Naik in the 1980’s, and now I am [...]
  • Notice to Defamers

    Notice to Defamers Dawn Newspaper Haroon House. Dr. Ziauddin Road. Karachi, through Chairperson, Ms. Amber Haroon Saigol CEO, Mr. Hameed Haroon Editor, Mr. Zaffar Abbas Publisher, Mr. Waseem Ahmed Printer, Mr. Khawaja Kaleem   Mr. Hameed Haroon The Manging Trustee, Mohatta Palace Museum 11 Hatim Alvi Road Karachi   Mr. Abdul Hamid Akhund, Secretary, Endowment [...]